I'm weaving a web
Remember the yarn
Hypnotic and bold
It fell through my fingers

The world rotated
I caught in your eyes
A glimpse of the promise
Of spinning

So take me away
Twirl me around
Don't let me fall
I'll float for as long as
The clouds can sustain me
I've given my weight
Away, I'm carefree
There's nothing to stop me
To stop you
There's nothing but sky


Howling At The Moon

If you look at me with those oxblood eyes
I'm likely to cry 'til my tears run icy
If you look at me with your tongue hanging out
With your hands all clammy and your little piggy snout

I'm likely to run
Far away, don't doubt it
I'm likely to run
To my salvation

You've got my heart in a workmate vise
You've clamped my ring finger nice and tight
And I rattle my chains 'til the wolfhound cries
'Til the moon is yellow and there's nothing to die for

I'm likely to run
Far away, don't doubt it
I'm likely to crawl
To my salvation


He dries my tears with gravity
As though someone else had caused them
But he doesn't say he's sorry
Because he's not

He listens, oh he nods his head
In principle he agrees with me
But in his every practice
He does not

I'm angry, then his voice collapses
And the childish whine appears
I need to understand him
'Cause he cannot

And now I know him all too well
The lingering gaze, the sweet caress
When he says he loves me
He loves me not