The Vodka Negroni

The bar at the end of the Yellow Brick Road
Is serving up a magical brew
Ruby red with a twist of lime
One sip for Toto, two sips for you

Last sip, tornadoes past your brainstem
"Woo-ee Kansas, here I come!"
Good ol' Glinda takes the hint
And mixes you another one

Well Scarecrow's SO not happening
But Tin Man's looking pretty buff
And Flying Monkey, he's a honey
(What the hell is in this stuff?!)

You'd be off to see the Wizard
If you only had a brain
Instead you're dancing on the bar
Clicking those damn heels again...

"There's no place like home-y
After 3 or 4 negronis"

Mars Bar  /SOMA SF  

The Cosmopolitan

The most glamorous cocktail of them all
She stands on the bar, her stem is tall
She don't need no swizzle stick
She knows what makes nighttime tick

Her liquid sparkles like your conversation
- It's fun to party with a hip libation!

Cafe du Nord  /Market St SF


The Kamikaze

Clear like water
Tastes like citrus
Alcohol does not exist-us
In this tart and pleasing drink
(It evaporates, I think)

The Black Watch  /Los Gatos CA