A slice of the City appeared before me, undulating slightly like a carpet that someone had failed to pull tight. 

- from Invisible Ink, a near-future novel set in San Francisco


Sue McGarry is an author - slash - user experience designer, and a member of the Novella Writers Group, an online writing workshop. She recently completed a novel, Invisible Ink, set in a near-future San Francisco where the Golden Gate Bridge no longer exists. Her short story Step on a Crack was a Finalist for Dialogue in the 2018 CRAFT Elements Contest. She also writes poems inspired by cocktails.

In 2016 Sue read a selection from Invisible Ink at Lit Crawl, a well-known writer’s event in San Francisco's Mission district. She’ll be reading again at Lit Crawl 2019, this time from her second novel, Badge In Here, about women in the tech industry.




"Some of the best things happened to me in San Francisco. Some of the worst things happened to me in San Francisco. I am a citizen of two places and a resident of one. I pledge allegiance - not to a queen, not to a flag - to a topography."

Check out my blog post, San Francisco Gives The Best Hugs. It's a thought piece on the city that always inspires me, and sometimes brings me to despair. Read it and then tell me what you think.


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From my novel Invisible Ink

Watch me read an excerpt from Invisible Ink

At Lit Crawl 2016

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Invisible Ink, a novel
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Wobbly rhymes about strong drinks
Welcome to 1990s San Francisco, where the cocktail shaker reigns supreme. Get out the vodka and see what happens next. 

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