Cara's family was already fractured. Now it's been torn apart by an explosion on the Golden Gate Bridge. Mae, Cara's sister, turned in the bomber and now she's supposed to testify at the trial. So why is Mae stalking Cara? And why won't Cara tell anyone about it?  

Request Installment 1     

Chapters 4-6

Cara just wants to relax at home with Jesse and their daughter. But everyone else is clamoring for attention: father, mother, mother-in-law, boss, team, the City of San Francisco - and of course, Mae. Virtually at least. Can Cara hold it all together as the pressure continues to build? 

Request Installment 2 

Chapters 7-10 

It's a busy month: Mother's Day brunch, the Bay to Breakers race, and - oh yeah, trying to get that proposal for the new bridge approved and - shite, preparing for the trial. Mae must be somewhere in San Francisco, so why won't she just show her face?


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